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Mash for Android 2.2+

Brew with Mash, this all-grain brewing app is a great tool for all home brewers.

Start your all-grain home brew recipe off the right way. Mash is a simple to use strike calculator and a perfect brewing tool for the beginner or advanced home brewer. Find brewing tips and directions along the way to help with brewing terms. Take the guess work out when you make your beer.

*Mash for Android uses a free Adobe AIR plugin to run.

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Mash for iPhone/iPod Touch

Mash has been submitted to the iTunes App Store on 4/2/2011 and is now just waiting on review from Apple. The review process can take up to 2 weeks, so look out for Mash in the iTunes App Store or follow us on Twitter for any release information.

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Mash Mobile Application for Brewers

March 27th 2011

New version of Mash for Android has been released today. Now supports Celsius and metric scales. Via Twitter

MobileBrewing | Mash for Android and iPhone

March 19th 2011

Thanks to Reg for feedback, an update is coming soon to Mash that lets you set metric as a preference. Via Twitter

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